Welcome to the Goa’s famous Chitari Art and Art Gallery where established as well as next generation artists are showcasing varied forms of contemporary art in all mediums The word Chitari means Chitra. It is with this forethought that Chitari Art Gallery was ideated in Goa. The gallery is more than a space that showcases Chitari art works in the family, but forms a creative space for upcoming artists. It includes works of art created during the period stretching from the days Portuguese existed in Goa and denotes the styles and philosophy that lineated in this era. The gallery’s mainstay is to nurture the aesthetic elements in every individual and bring out the best in them. By providing a platform to talented and upcoming artists, it has identified the latent creativity in these artistes.


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Chitari art has a unique style of painting that has been survived through centuries in Goa. Thanks to the social customs and long tradition of Goan families